Follow these steps to run Plumbing Check from the Phyn App and see the results:

  1. Launch the Phyn App
  2. Tap the Menu icon and choose Plumbing Check

  1. Tap Run Test.

  1. Tap Continue
  2. "Plumbing Check is in Progress" will be displayed. Note: You can exit the app if you'd like. You can always return to the app to view the results of your Plumbing Check.
  3. The following message will be displayed if the Plumbing Check test is interrupted by water being run during the test: "Your plumbing check was cancelled due to an interruption. Make sure that no water is running during the test...." You will be prompted to re-run the plumbing check.

  1. "Testing Complete" will be displayed when Plumbing Check testing is complete.
  2. If there is no problem with your internal plumbing - (Internal PSI stays the same or only drops < 4 psi during the test), the following message will be displayed: "Good news. Your pipes are watertight and your water pressure looks good. You're all set. I'll let you know if I see anything unusual".

  1. Tap Test Details to see the details of the Plumbing Check

  1. If there is a drop of ~4 PSI or more detected during the plumbing check, the following message will be displayed together with a graph of the drop in PSI of the user's internal plumbing system: "This plumbing check shows a ---psi drop in water pressure, which indicates you may have a leak. Walk around your home and check for signs of water behind the base of toilets, in cabinets under sinks, and around outside spigots. Place paper towels under any accessible pipe joints and check back in 15 minutes to see if they're wet. If you find a leak, or believe you have a leak but are unable to identify it, it's recommended that you contact your plumber".

  1. Important:  The Plumbing Check leak alert message can be triggered by a fixture in the home that was not shut completely, i.e. the shower not turned off completely with a small drip, or an outdoor spigot or garden hose not turned off completely. Check for any obvious signs of an existing leak, correct the issue(s) if necessary and then run the test again in about an hour.
  2. To view the Plumbing Check results, from the Menu tap Plumbing check. The plumbing checks are displayed by date in descending order with the most recent plumbing check displayed on top.