All Phyn users can set up email notifications (along with SMS and push notifications) on the Phyn app.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Phyn
  2. You will land on the Email Notifications screen, which provides you with more information on these valuable alerts. Tap Next.
  3. On the Verify Email screen, you can:
  • Tap Next to trigger sending of the verification email
  • Tap Change Email Address and follow the prompt to change the email address you entered when you created your account
  1. Check your email to find the verification email from Phyn. If you did not receive anything, return to the Phyn app and tap Resend Link. Once you receive the email, click on the Verify Email button in the message and return to the app.
  2. Once you see the Email Verification Complete screen, you are set up to receive email notifications from you Phyn.
  3. Tap Done

If you’d like to change your email address in the future, you can do so in the Phyn app under Settings > Device > Notifications