To change the batteries of the Phyn Smart Water Sensor batteries, follow these steps:

  1. Place the Phyn Smart Water Sensor upside down on a flat surface
  2. You will see an icon showing two arrows located next to one of the 3 gold sensor feet. The battery cover with a ""keyhole"" insert will turn either to the left to open or to the right to close.
  3. To open the battery cover, turn the cover in the counter-clockwise direction. Note, you may need to exert some force to open the cover.
  4. When the battery cover is fully open, the keyhole icon will point to the left arrow icon.
  5. Carefully open the battery cover
  6. Replace the old AA batteries with new AA batteries. Align the batteries to the correct polarity - or +.
  7. Reinsert the battery cover - Ensure that the keyhole icon again is pointing to the left arrow icon.
  8. Close the battery cover by turning the cover in a clockwise direction until the keyhole icon is aligned with the gold sensor and you can longer turn the cover. Not, you may need to exert some force to close the cover.
  9. To test the Sensor, press and release the button to the right of the Phyn icon
  10. Several blue flashes will appear followed by a green flash and 3 beeps.

Note: If you do not see the flashes, repeat step 9 with a slightly longer button press. If you are still not seeing the battery flashes, you may have inserted the batteries incorrectly. Remove the cover, take out the batteries and replace carefully verifying that they have been inserted to match the correct battery + or - polarity. Replace the cover and perform the test again.