To delete a Phyn Smart Water Sensor follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Phyn App
  2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Tap the Home where the Sensor is located
  4. Scroll down and tap Settings
  5. Tap Device
  6. Tap the name of the Sensor you wish to delete
  7. Scroll down and tap Delete Device
  8. Enter the Phone Number associated with the account
  9. Tap Done
  10. A Warning will appear: "Deleting this device will permanently erase this address and any data that Phyn has stored from your account, including data to help improve accuracy. The Phyn device will need to be paired again in order to add it back to your account."
  11. Tap Delete Device
  12. At the "Are you sure?" screen, tap Continue
  13. You will need to Factory Reset the device to erase the previous network settings. Follow the Reset steps at the Factory Reset Prompt
  14. When the Sensor stops blinking, Tap Next
  15. The following message will appear: "Sensor was successfully deleted. Your Smart Water Sensor has been deleted and factory reset".
  16. Tap Done