If you had previously paired a Phyn Smart Water Sensor to another Wi-Fi network and need to pair it to a new Wi-Fi network, you will need to perform a factory reset.

To reset the Phyn Smart Water Sensor to factory settings, ensure that you have inserted two new AA batteries and follow these steps:

  1. Locate the button on the side of the Sensor - to the right of the Phyn logo.
  2. Press and hold the button. (The Phyn logo will flash a few times letting you know the progress of the hard reset and when you can stop holding the button)
  3. Yellow > Off > Yellow > Off > Yellow > Off
  4. Stop holding the button
  5. After about 5-10 seconds the Phyn logo will display 2 blue flashes followed by a green flash
  6. This display of flashes indicates that the hard reset is now complete and the device is ready for pairing.
  7. If the Phyn logo did not display the 2 blue flashes followed by a green flash, repeat the steps.

Note: The factory reset does not put the Phyn Smart Water Sensor into pairing mode. In the Phyn App, when you are adding a Phyn Smart Water Sensor, you will be prompted to put the Sensor into Pairing Mode by pressing the side button. The Phyn logo will flash blue and white on and off to indicate it is in pairing mode.