Phyn uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to get smarter and more accurate over time. And like any intelligent system, the more feedback you provide, the faster it gets smarter. Since Phyn is just getting started and has not seen much feedback yet, you can help it learn faster to improve your experience and this will benefit all future users.

The importance of feedback Remember when Alexa first launched? You’d ask it to “Play the Beatles” and it would give you the definition of a beagle. But Alexa got much more accurate, very quickly because users were “training it” with corrective feedback which helped it to improve. The same goes for Phyn. It needs your feedback to improve faster.

How to train your Phyn There are two ways to provide feedback in the Phyn app:

  • If you get an SMS or Push alert for an “unusual water use” and it wasn’t a leak, let Phyn know what it was.
  • Go into the “Water Use Plus” section of the app and click on events. Correct Phyn if it got something wrong and verify it if it got something right.

Check out a quick video about training Phyn Important dates for our earliest users For the first month after Phyn Smart Water Assistant is launched, it will be in its initial “training” mode, listening and taking in feedback.

If you tell Phyn that it thought a shower was actually a sink it will not immediately adjust based on your feedback. Have confidence though that your valuable feedback is training Phyn! In fact, before you know it, Phyn will dramatically improve its accuracy of showing you fixture use and it will send fewer false alerts. Be on the lookout for the improved accuracies in the first few weeks of October.

Remember: The more accurate and consistent feedback you provide now, the better your experience will be in October. Phyn will improve yet again in the first weeks of November. You will see that Phyn gets smarter at telling you which exact fixture was being used if you have labeled your different showers, faucets, tubs, etc…throughout your home.