A Plumbing Check is a diagnostic test that you can perform anytime on your Phyn Smart Water Assistant app to detect small issues such as pinhole leaks and drip leaks. In order to run a Plumbing Check you will need to turn off your water at the main. Once your water is shut off, the pressure in your pipes should be stable with no water escaping from your pipes and no resulting pressure loss. There are two types of Plumbing Checks:

  • Normal Plumbing Check
    • Takes about 3-5 minutes
    • Phyn looks to see if there is any pressure lost during this duration. Phyn will alert you if the pressure loss is abnormal or indicative of a leak issue.
  • Extended Plumbing Check
    • Takes about 10-13 minutes.
    • An Extended Plumbing Check can detect more subtle issues in your system.
    • You can run an Extended Plumbing Check with a longer duration to increase it’s accuracy in finding small pinhole leaks and other issues

We suggest that you run a Plumbing Check (Normal or Extended) at least every two to four weeks to ensure that your home is water tight. Small leaks that go undetected for a long period of time can cause major issues.