Phyn Integration with Google Home/Google Assistant

Google Home allows integration between Google Home/Google Assistant to control your Phyn from the Google Home App. The devices exist in Google Home and accessible via Google Assistant. So they can be linked via Google Home App or Google Assistant App.

Key Features

  • Integrate your Phyn Plus and Google Home and allow Google Home to accept commands for your Phyn
  • Close the shutoff valve on your Phyn Plus through Google Home allowing you to turn your water on or off.
  • Determine if there is a leak detected by your Phyn Plus

Please Note: Any names you create in Google Home for a Phyn device exist only in Google Home they do not exist in the Phyn App.

So if you have a Phyn Plus in Home 1 and a Phyn Plus in Home 2 in the Phyn App you can use a unique name in Google Home i.e. Primary Plus and Vacation Plus

Available Actions

  • Open Phyn Water
  • Close Phyn Water
  • is Phyn water open?
  • Is Phyn water closed?
  • Is there a leak in Phyn Water?

Sample Commands

  • “Open Phyn Water
  • “Is Phyn Water Open”
  • “Is There a Leak in Phyn Water?”

How To Setup

Have the Phyn App installed configured, and logged into an account

  • Install the Google Home App for iOS or Android
  • Setup your Phyn Plus as a device in the Google Home
  • Be sure to have your Phyn login credentials available for authentication
  • Follow the prompts in the Google Home app to link your Phyn Plus
  • After completing the steps test out the available commands