Yes. If you don’t have a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV), you will be able to monitor your water pressure in real-time from the Phyn app and perform manual Plumbing Checks to proactively check for leaks. Phyn will also be able to detect water usage events and the estimated water consumption and fixtures associated with these events, but the Phyn may require a slightly longer timeframe to become more accurate. Phyn works in homes without PRVs, but you may experience some “false alerts”. As always, the more feedback you provide to Phyn by labeling and verifying the fixtures being used by the water usage events you receive, the faster it will improve its accuracy. Aside from the many plumbing benefits to having a PRV to keep your water pressure stable, PRVs filters out and “quiet” the noise from upstream pipes in the street and in your neighborhood. It’s like closing the door to a noisy street so you can hear the conversation inside. Like any of us, Phyn “hears” better in a quieter environment... This is how Phyn sees the pressure of water ""event"" such as a toilet flushing or a faucet being used in a home with a PRV. You can clearly see the beginning and end of the event and the pressure spikes have distinct characteristics.  And here is the pressure signature of a water use without a PRV. The beginning and end are not clearly defined and the jagged edges created by pressure “noise"" make it more difficult for Phyn to recognize the subtle characteristics that can tell it this was a normal use or a potential leak.  We recommend that all homes have PRVs, not just to benefit Phyn, but because they are a great step that you can take to mitigate the risk of leaks by controlling your water pressure."