The Phyn Plus machine learning algorithms have the capability of auto-detecting your installed EcoWater water softener. This will require a minimum of 24 hours after Phyn Plus installation to detect the softener. When this occurs you will receive a visual notification in the App.


If you do not have a water softener simply select "I don't have a water softener".  The screen will then reflect will reflect an acknowledgment of your feedback.

When the Machine Learning has detected that a water softener is present in your plumbing tap on Configure My Water Softener. Then select which brand of water softener you have on the following screen.


If you have selected EcoWater water softener a list of EcoWater models will be displayed, select the appropriate model and then click next.  Note: if you are not sure of the specific EcoWater water softener model please select  " I don't know the model".


If you do not have an EcoWater water softener please select the specific brand from the drop-down. If the manufacturer of your water softener is not listed please choose Other Brand.



Once you have confirmed your EcoWater model or your specific brand your your feedback will be confirmed. You will then receive acknowledgment of your selection with a reminder to make sure that you accurately maintain your fixture Inventory list