I got a “Frozen Pipe Condition Alert” – what does that mean and what should I do? Phyn sends a Frozen Pipe condition alert when it detects that ice crystals have fully formed in your pipes and are constricting the flow of water which can quickly increase your water pressure to dangerous levels. When you receive this message you should take action now to find the pipes that are freezing to avoid a pipe burst from built-up pressure.

What can I do?
  1. Open Faucets - Open up all of your faucets. If the water runs out at a trickle, that is a sign there is blockage from ice crystals.
  2. Turn up the Heat - Turn up your thermostats to warm up your home and pipes.
  3. Identify Frozen Pipes - Typically frozen pipes happen in a basement, a crawl space and are exposed and running along an exterior wall of a house. Keep the water flowing It will help the ice melt in your pipes.
  4. Warm up your Pipes - Identify the area of pipe that is freezing. Heat it using a hair dryer or wrap it in towels soaked in hot water. You can also use a portable space heater. Don't use a blowtorch or an open flame! If you can't access the affected area, you may want to call a plumber.
  5. Have a Basement? - Turn on a space heater to warm up the room. Don't leave space heaters unattended.