"You can improve the results of Phyn Smart Water Assistant fixture identification by going into the “Water Use Plus” section of the Phyn App and validating or correcting the water use “events” that you are certain of. If you know that you took a shower in the morning and Phyn got this correct, let it know that it was right by tapping on the Phyn logo next to the event. You will then see the Phyn logo highlighted in you "water log".

If you know that it got something incorrect, you can change the event by clicking on it and choosing the fixture that it should have listed. You will then see the silhouette of a person, indicating that you provided that feedback.

In general, it currently takes around 5-10 “feedbacks” of any given fixture to see Phyn begin to adapt and change. Eventually it will need less feedback (3-5) from you to improve, as it gets in more homes and sees more usage events and feedback from all users.

Additionally, if you would like Phyn to be able to tell you the water use of individual fixtures you will need to label the individual fixtures in Water Use Plus by changing the name of the fixture to the room or location of that fixture (e.g. Master Shower). It will also take around 5-10 times of you labeling these individual fixtures to have Phyn begin to more accurately identify them for you. "