If you purchase a new Wi-Fi range extender, Wi-Fi router or make changes to your existing Wi-Fi router, i.e. new password, new SSID, new Wi-Fi settings, etc., the Phyn Smart Water sensor will no longer be able to connect.

Follow these steps to change the Wi-Fi network for your Phyn Smart Water Sensor:

iOS / Android

  1. Before proceeding, make a note of the name of the Sensor
  2. Launch the Phyn App
  3. Tap Menu > Settings > Device
  4. Tap the Name of the Sensor you wish to change
  5. Tap Delete Device
  6. Enter the phone number associated with your Phyn Account
  7. Tap Delete Device
  8. When prompted, "Are you sure?", tap Continue
  9. The App will show you instructions on how to Factory Reset the Phyn Smart Water Sensor
  10. Factory Reset the Sensor. Once the Sensor LED stops blinking yellow, tap Next
  11. ""Sensor was successfully deleted"" will be displayed
  12. Tap Done
  13. Tap Add New Sensor
  14. Tap Continue
  15. At the Name your Sensor screen, enter the same name you had previously configured
  16. Tap Next
  17. At the Configure Device screen either tap "Customize Thresholds" or "Use Defaults"
  18. Tap Continue
  19. ""Your sensor is Configured"" will be displayed
  20. Tap Continue
  21. Press the button on the side of the Sensor - The LED will flash blue and white off and on
  22. Once the Sensor starts blinking, Tap Next
  23. If prompted to allow Phyn to take pictures or use Camera tap "Allow" or "Allow while using the App"
  24. At the Scan the Code screen you can either scan the code on the bottom of the sensor or tap "Continue without Scanning"
  25. At the Enter Key screen, you can either manually enter the QR Code or tap "Continue without entry key"
  26. At the Select Network screen, follow the instructions
  27. Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi
  28. Tap Wi-Fi
  29. Tap the SSID of the Sensor
  30. After the Sensor is connected, tap Home > Phyn app
  31. IOS - At the View Devices on Network screen, tap Enable
  32. iOS - Searching for Networks will appear
  33. A list of Wi-Fi network SSIDs will appear
  34. SSIDs are displayed 6 at a time, you may need to tap Refresh a few times until you see your network SSID
  35. Tap on your network SSID
  36. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network
  37. Tap Connect
  38. ""Joining Wi-Fi Network"" will appear - After several seconds, the Sensor LED will stop blinking
  39. ""Test your Sensor"" will be displayed - Press and release the button on the side of the Sensor
  40. Tap ""I pressed the Button"" in the App
  41. The Sensor will blink blue on and off about 4 times
  42. The Sensor will then show a green LED and beep 3 times
  43. Test Successful will appear in the Phyn App
  44. You will also receive SMS and / or Push messages stating "Your device is set up and monitoring"
  45. Tap Done