During the Onboarding of your Phyn Plus: 


From the inventory select Water Softener 

From the Dropdown “What Brand of Water Softener Do You Have” select EcoWater 

Once you have selected EcoWater then select the appropriate model from the displayed list.  (scroll for the entire model list)

If you are not sure which model you own or do not see it type the EcoWater water softener model or indicate "I don't know the model"


If you need to add a second EcoWater softener continue with the second EcoWater water softener and add that to your Inventory, should your second water softener be a non-EcoWater brand softener select Other Brand and add it to the Inventory.


After Onboarding Has Been Completed


Go into your Settings menu and select Home and then Inventory


From the Inventory add Water Softener and follow the Steps above