Phyn sends you an alert when it has noticed an unusually high flow rate of water in your home that has lasted at least 3 minutes or has used at least 50 gallons of water**. This is the predefined default threshold.

If Phyn’s Auto Shutoff is enabled, you will receive a second alert 2 minutes after the first alert is issued. If you do not respond to this second alert within 2 minutes, Phyn will shut your water off.

After 21 days of the device being installed, the thresholds are updated based on the water usage pattern at the home. These thresholds are updated every 24 hours based on water usage in the last 24 hours. If there is no water usage in a house on a certain day the thresholds will not be updated.

This means that if you continuously use more water than the predefined threshold then those thresholds will set themselves to be longer. If you continuously use less water than the predefined threshold then the thresholds will adjust to be shorter.

You can view more information about your alert in the “Alerts” section of the app on the top right of the screen. If the alert shows up in the “Active” panel, that means that the water activity is still going on and has not resolved itself. If the alert appears in the “Resolved” panel, the unusual water use has concluded and you will see when it was “last detected”. For instance, if you left a hose running and then turned it off after an alert has been issued, it would now appear as resolved. Typically a High Flow Alert is the result of a broken pipe or damaged supply line (to an ice maker or washing machine).

If you are at your property, check to see if you can hear or see water. Sometimes Phyn can mistake irrigation or a pool filling for a high flow leak if it hasn't learned your home's patterns yet. If you don't know what is causing this alert, turn off your water from the Phyn app and call your plumber immediately. If you are not at your property, we suggest you turn the water off remotely using the Phyn app until you can get on site, or call your plumber for assistance.

If you know the source of the alert and it is not a leak, help teach Phyn by clicking on the alert and then selecting “Tell Us” at the bottom of the screen. The more feedback you provide through the Phyn App, the faster the Phyn App will learn and will stop sending you alerts the next time that activity occurs.