I got a “Malfunctioning PRV Alert” – what does that mean and what should I do? Phyn sends Malfunctioning PRV alerts when there is a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) present at the home, and the pressure is unstable. Pressure Reducing Valves stabilize the pressure in a home. If the pressure is increasing and decreasing out of an acceptable range, your PRV is likely malfunctioning. When Phyn detects that your PRV is malfunctioning, you will receive the Malfunctioning PRV alert. Just tap on the alert to view guidance on how to proceed. What can I do? A functioning pressure regulating valve (PRV) is a key component to maintaining a leak free home. This bell shaped device modifies the pressure of the city water coming into your home, which can damage pipes and appliances such as your dishwasher and laundry machine when the pressure spikes too high. We suggest you have your PRV replaced as soon as you can. Doing so will greatly reduce your risk of leaks and you will get more longevity from your plumbing system and water-using appliances. Note: When your PRV is fixed, it may take up to 48 hours to appear in the App.