"No Networks Found - We cannot connect to your Phyn device. Make sure "Local Networks" is toggled on in the Settings App > Phyn - Go to Settings

If you tap "Go To Settings" in iOS Settings on your iPhone, the Local Network Settings Toggle will show Enabled.

If this message appears when attempting to pair a Phyn Plus device using an iOS phone the Phyn device may have an older version version of the Phyn Plus firmware.

If this is the case and your Phyn Plus device has older firmware, you will also receive this error message as well:

"Pairing Error - There is an issue pairing the Phyn to your network. Please check your password and try again. For further assistance, please contact customer support".

Contact Phyn Customer Service for assistance and mention this support article. Phyn Customer Service can assist you with upgrading the firmware of your Phyn Plus device.