"If you are unable to pair your Phyn device to your home network and the message ""Pairing Error FirmwareError5 Please try pairing again"" is displayed, this is an indication that your home network does not have access to the Internet. During Pairing, the device firmware checks the network for Internet connectivity, specifically for the presence of an NTP server. If it does not find this server, pairing will fail. Follow these steps to resolve.

  1. Use your phone to connect to your home Wi-Fi network (not your cellular data network) and attempt to launch any web page.
  2. If your home Wi-Fi network is no longer experiencing Internet issues, the web page will be displayed. Repeat the steps to Pair by force closing the Phyn App on your phone and repeating the device pairing process.
  3. If your home Wi-Fi network is experiencing Internet issues, reboot your modem or your modem/router combo.
  4. After the modem or modem/router combo has finished booted up, verify that it shows connectivity to the Internet. If your network now has connectivity to the Internet, force close the Phyn App on your phone and repeat the device pairing process.
  5. If you do not have Internet connectivity, contact your Internet service provider.