What is a Wi-Fi Range Extender and how do I know if I need one? A Wi-Fi Range extender or repeater boosts the signal of the Home Wi-Fi network to allow the Phyn device to connect and stay connected. A Wi-Fi Range extender contains two wireless routers, similar to the wireless router you already have in your home or office. One of these wireless routers picks up the signal from your existing home Wi-Fi network. It then transfers the signal to the other wireless router, which transmits the boosted signal. A Wi-Fi range extender should be located mid-way between the location of your Phyn device and your Wi-Fi router. I already have a Phyn device, how do I know whether I need a Wi-Fi Range Extender?

  1. Launch the Phyn App
  2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Tap > Settings
  4. Tap Device > Signal Strength
  5. Signal Strength will appear as either Excellent, Good or Poor
  6. Tap on Signal Strength. The actual dBm values will appear
  7. Excellent = -20dBm to -50dBm; Good = -51dBm to -70dBm; Poor = -71dBm and higher

If your Signal Strength is consistently Good or Excellent you do not need a Wi-Fi extender. If your Signal Strength is Poor or if it varies between Good and Poor you should purchase a Wi-Fi extender. A good quality Wi-Fi signal is important to ensure that the Phyn device is able to upload sensor data in a timely reliable fashion. Good quality Wi-Fi range extenders can be purchased at inexpensive prices. Enter ""Wi-Fi range extender"" at Amazon.com and Search. The ""Best Seller"" and ""Amazon Choice"" options are both available for under $30.

IMPORTANT: When setting up a Wi-Fi range extender do not name the extender with the same SSID network name, i.e. ""MyNetwork"" as the SSID of your router. Name it so it is easy to identify, i.e. ""MyNetwork-EXT"". NOTE: If you have a Mesh network like the Netgear Orbi or others, it is not recommended to purchase Wi-Fi range extenders. You should instead purchase compatible Nodes for your brand of Mesh network."