Auto shutoff is a feature that allows Phyn Plus to automatically shut off the water to your home in the case of certain water events (such as a burst pipe) at your home.
Auto shutoff is disabled by default until Phyn has enough knowledge to determine when it is appropriate to shut off your water. Once it has enough information from your home’s water use, Auto Shutoff will be enabled after 700 water events, 1000 events for homes with fixtures such as Irrigation Systems, Pool Fillers, Water Softener, RO Filter, Whole home Filtration Systems, Whole home Humidifiers, Acid Neutralizer, Iron Filter, and Ice Makers, Regardless of the number of water events after 21 days auto-shutoff will be automatically enabled. In the Phyn App go to Menu > Settings > Auto Shutoff, you will see an indicator "Auto Shutoff xx% Complete".
When this number is below 100% the Phyn Plus device is still learning about your home's water use. After about 1,000 water events, you will be 100% complete. You will receive an SMS alert that you are now eligible to enable Auto Shutoff in the Phyn App. Note that when the Auto Shutoff feature is available to you, you will still receive alerts when an unusual water event has occurred. If the alert is from an event where Auto Shutoff is triggered, and you do not respond to that alert within a certain period of time, Phyn will shut off your water. You can always turn the water back on from the app or the Phyn Plus device at any time.

Please note that water should not be turned off while certain motorized appliances are operating.

Some, but not all water softeners, conditioners, acid neutralizers, RO filters, whole home filtration systems and irrigation systems have motors that can burn out if operated without water. In some cases water quality can be impacted if the fixture is operated without water. Check that your fixtures can operate without water without affecting water quality and whether your fixtures have motors that can be damaged when running without water before enabling Auto Shutoff.

How does Auto Shutoff get unlocked?

Over time, Phyn builds a model of your water usage and fixtures to be able to determine when a leak occurs. Each home is different (size, number of bathrooms and fixtures, plumbing materials, etc…) and takes a different amount of time for Phyn to learn. As you go about your day using your water naturally, Phyn is constantly taking this information and processing it. One way that Phyn can learn even faster is if you label any alerts you receive by clicking on “Tell Us”. When Phyn gets to a degree of confidence that it will only shut off your water in emergency, the Auto Shutoff feature will unlock and you can choose whether to turn it on.

How can I disable Auto Shutoff?
Auto Shutoff is an important feature that helps you stop leaks and prevent water damage. If you wish to disable Auto Shutoff, you can do so through the Phyn App. Note: Phyn Plus customers who have their Homeowners Insurance through some Phyn insurance partner companies cannot disable Auto Shutoff. This policy is determined by the insurance company and customers only have the option to temporarily disable Auto Shutoff for a maximum period of 24 hours. Having Auto Shutoff enabled for the Phyn Plus is a requirement of AIG Insurance. Having Offline Leak Protectionenabled is also a requirement of AIG Insurance. Take caution when pausing Auto Shutoff since this action will leave your home unprotected in the case of a leak.
  1. Tap the Menu Icon
  2. Tap Account > Settings
  3. Under Features locate Auto Shutoff (The toggle button will appear green in color when Auto Shutoff is enabled)
  4. Tap Auto Shutoff
  5. A warning message will appear "Disable Auto Shutoff - This is an important feature that helps you stop leaks and prevent water damage. Are you sure you want to disable Auto Shutoff?"
  6. Tap Disable Auto Shutoff
Can I pause Auto Shutoff?

Yes. You can temporarily pause Auto Shutoff for a period from 30 Minutes to 24 hours. After that time, Auto Shutoff will be re-enabled. Note: The "Indefinitely" option only appears for Phyn Plus customers without Homeowners Insurance through specific insurance carrier programs. Take caution when pausing Auto Shutoff since this action will leave your home unprotected in the case of a leak.

Can I enable Auto Shutoff before it has learned about my water usage? Yes. You can tap the Auto Shutoff toggle switch at the bottom of the page. Note: A warning message will appear advising you that your water may be shut off by accident if you enable Auto Shutoff before Phyn's learning mode is complete. Configure Phyn Plus Auto Shutoff for Phyn Smart Water Sensors If you have installed a Phyn Plus in your home, you can configure your Phyn Smart Water Sensors to engage the shutoff valve of the Phyn Plus if your Sensors detect water. Here’s how. Enable Auto Shutoff for your Phyn Plus and Sensors
  1. Launch the Phyn App
  2. Tap Menu
  3. Tap Home
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Auto Shutoff
  6. Under Devices, tap to enable the Phyn Plus Auto Shutoff toggle switch if it is not already enabled
  7. Under Devices, tap to enable the Auto Shutoff toggle switch for each Phyn Smart water Sensor you wish to enable.
  8. Tap Save