You can configure both settings and account information in Settings on the Phyn app 


  • Name 
  • Mobile Number (if you decide to change your mobile number, you must complete a verification process) 
  • Email (if you decide to change your email address, you must complete a verification process) 
  • Password 
  • System Units (to switch to/from imperial and metric) 
  • Log Out 
  • Delete My Account 


  • Address 
  • Inventory (update the inventory of water fixtures in your home) 
  • Residents (to update the number of residents in your home) 
  • Plumber (to update your plumber’s information) 
  • Plumbing Type (to switch to/from PRV, non-PRV, and wll) 


Here, you can see your Phyn devices and update the following information: 

  • Wi-Fi Settings 
  • Notifications 
  • Firmware Update 
  • Phyn Device Settings 

Here you can view the following information for each device: 

  • Device Status: Online / Offline 
  • Signal Strength: Poor / Good/ Excellent 
  • Timezone 
  • Firmware Version 
  • MAC address 
  • Serial Number 

Away Mode (Phyn Plus and Smart Water Assistant only) 

Auto Shutoff (Phyn Plus only) 

Plumbing Check (Phyn Plus only) 

Home Insurance Discount 

Smart Home Integration 

  • Amazon Alexa 
  • Google Assistant