The Phyn Plus device is always sending information on your water usage to the cloud. The water usage information is analyzed in the cloud by ML machine-learning algorithms to detect signs of unusual water activity. ""Unusual"" water activity is determined by a combination of factors: time and amount of water usage (in gpm - Gallons per minute) as outlined in the chart below.

Unusual water activity may be normal water usage, or it may be an indication of a leak. You will be asked questions about the activity to determine whether the activity is normal or a potential leak. This information will permit the application to learn about your normal water usage. Once the application has learned the unique water usage signature for that fixture, you will no longer receive water usage alerts for that fixture. Note: Do not be concerned if you receive multiple alerts for the same fixture's water usage. It normally takes about 3-5 water usage alerts, that are responded to and identified by you, for the application to "learn" the water usage of that particular fixture. When unusual activity is detected by the ML (machine learning) algorithms, the following occurs:

  • An App "push" notification message will appear on your iOS or Android device as a notification
  • If you have signed up to receive SMS notifications, you will also receive an SMS notification message
  • On the Water Activity section of the Phyn App, an alert will appear in the top upper-right-hand corner of the screen
  • The type of leak will appear as either Low, Medium or High
  • You will be asked a series of questions about the water activity to determine whether the water activity is a leak or normal usage.
  • If you respond that the water activity is normal, you will be asked if you can identify where the usage is coming from, i.e. Hot Tub, Irrigation System, etc.
  • If you do not identify the water usage from the choices, or chooses ""not now"" in response, the water activity will be logged as "Unknown Source"
  • The cloud platform will trigger a second message to be sent with the same verbiage if you do not acknowledge the first message in the App.