Yes, Phyn is designed to notify you if the device detects unusual water usage that could be a leak.

How It Works:

During the device’s initial training period, Phyn will send you an alert when it has noticed an unusual flow of water in your home. Throughout this 3-week period, Phyn will learn what is normal water usage, and what type of usage could be a potential leak. Learn more about Phyn Leak Alerts.

What happens when Phyn detects unusual water usage:

Once unusual water usage is detected, you will receive a notification through your preferred channels (SMS, push, email) in your Phyn settings.

On your app, an alert will provide you with helpful information to determine if the event was a leak or normal usage.

If it is a leak: You can follow the preliminary testing steps provided in the app and/or click the link to contact your plumber.

If it is normal water usage: You will also have the opportunity to tell the app if what is causing it by tapping on the “Know what this is? Tell us” button. Complete this step to help your Phyn learn your water usage habits and reduce the risk of false alarms in the future. Tap on Send Message to resolve this alert.