If you have enabled Offline Leak Protection in the Phyn App and your device goes Offline and the Phyn Plus detects a catastrophic leak event, your water will be shut off.

Since your device was Offline, Phyn has no way of notifying you that the water has been turned off. Once your Phyn Plus device comes back online this Alert Notification will be sent.

What Can I do?

Check around your home for signs of unusual water activity before turning back on your water.

Why didn't I receive an Alert?

Since your device was either not connected to Wi-Fi or unable to connect to Phyn, we could not send you an alert when this event was detected. Now that you are back online, if you need to turn your water back on, you can do so from the app menu.

If you no longer want your water to turn off when unusual water activity is detected when you cannot connect, disable "Offline Leak Protection" in Settings > Auto Shutoff.