If you run an Extended Plumbing Check and it shows a higher than normal drop in pressure, 4.5psi or higher over ten minutes, you will receive a Plumbing Check Alert. Extended Plumbing Checks run for a longer period of time than Normal Plumbing Checks and are able to detect more subtle issues in your plumbing which may indicate the presence of a small leak. Follow the steps outlined in the ""What Can I do?"" section of the Plumbing Check Alert:

  1. Inspect your home - You could have a dripping faucet or spigot. Visually inspect all of the spigots in and around your home to see if they need to be closed, tightened or fixed. Also look for running toilets as it may be leaking small amounts of water due to unseated or failing toilet flapper or fill valve.
  2. Re-run Plumbing check - If you've identified and resolved the issue, run another plumbing check to verify the fix.
  3. Can't find the issue? - If you believe you have a leak and are unable to identify it, it's recommended that you contact your plumber.

Note: If you are unable to find the source of the leak, try the steps outlined here.